Why Us?


There is more to financial and retirement planning than simple asset accumulation. Sophisticated investors realize that it is not just how much they accumulate, but how much they can keep and pass on to their loved ones. We can help you do that.

With some of the favorable retirement account conversion rules, there are some outstanding planning opportunities to capitalize on, regardless of your age. Here at Luke Financial we want to help you reach your goals. 

We serve a wide range of clients and their families who seek financial advice on a regular basis. We can assist with philanthropy strategies, legacy building, asset preservation, wealth succession and help you navigate complex federal benefit programs. 

Seniors are embracing a healthier lifestyle today and are living longer. Building a portfolio that is in harmony with your needs helps sustain the life you planned on. Just as important, however, is how your assets will be handed down to the next generation of loved ones or passed on to your favorite charity. Luke Financial will work closely with you to simplify the process, protect your assets and align with strategic partners to provide a holistic plan for you and your family.

Asset Preservation

Retirement does not mean retreat of any kind. Rather, it represents an opportunity to move into new and rewarding activities. We at Luke Financial realize that investing for and during a successful retirement can be challenging. There are many issues that surround retirement planning and a maze of legislation to navigate on the road to financial security. With our assistance, we can work together through these issues and implement a retirement strategy that is designed to help you meet your immediate and long term goals so you can enjoy your retirement free of stress

The Sandwich Generation Challenge

Baby boomers, without question, have a unique set of challenges. Quite often, they are faced with the financial challenges that come with the combination of aging parents and children approaching their college years, as well as their own unique retirement planning needs. We offer a custom approach to this complex “sandwich” by simultaneously addressing all of the variables with well thought out planning strategies, ideas, and solutions.

Navigating Federal Benefits

Federal benefits programs are very complex. Luke Financial caters to and serves all types of federal employees, including but not limited to CSRS, FERS, USPS, CSRS Offset, FERS Transferees, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and Air Traffic Controllers.

“My goal is to educate our clients and make them consciously think about their money.”